About Us

Based in Solihull West Midlands, Chapelfields Associates Ltd was established in March 2001 by Managing Director and Lead Consultant Neville Beardsmore.

We specialise in learning and development, offering advice and guidance to organisations on how they can best develop their people. We can help your organisation achieve its goals through the effective development of your people.

Our goal is to deliver visible, measureable results, and we can only do this by giving your people the tools to do things differently. That's why we will not run off the shelf training programmes; all our programmes are aimed at addressing your organisation's development needs and not someone else's.

We work in both public and private sector organisations, helping improve productivity, teamwork, morale and efficiency.

Our core values:-

- Honesty
- Valuing diversity
- Trust
- Commitment
- Quality
- Fairness
- Value for money

We will design specifically tailored training and development solutions for you, ensuring the link with your organisational goals, as well as capturing your culture and values. This way we maximise learning and deliver clear measurable results which actually make a difference back in the workplace.

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