Assertiveness Skills

I have often heard the following compliment being given from one person to another:

'Your biggest strength is your say what you think and you're not afraid of saying it either. I wish I was as assertive as you.'

Many many people think being assertive is getting your own way or saying waht you think. This is not assertiveness. If your actions are to the detriment of someone else then you have acted aggressively.

Assertive behaviour is about using diplomacy and tact, something which is very different to being open and honest.

On the other hand giving in to other people's requests can be an assertive choice, however done too often and without full willing, the impact on you is negative....and therefore not assetive behaviour.

It is said that psychologists believe that 84% of the time we are not aware of what we are doing. What do they actually mean by this? Imagine doing something you do regularly such as driving to work. How many times have you arrived in the car park and thought......"how did I get here"? We do most things on autopilot.

84% of the time we are driven by gut / emotion. Only 16% of the time on average do we actually THINK and PLAN what we are doing and what we are saying.

This course will give delegates the opportunity to learn more about themselves and how they come across. It will also give them the tools to act assertively in a variety of workplace scenarios and help them to achieve a 'win-win'.

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