Handling Compliments, Complaints & Criticism Positively

A recent survey showed that approximately 20% of companies in the UK provide excellent customer service. Another 20% provide terrible service, and the remaining 60% of companies provide indifferent, just adequate service. This means that a massive 80% of companies in the UK are NOT providing excellent customer service.

We used to put up with poor service, but now the average UK customer is starting to find their voice and complaints are on the increase as poor standards in customer service are being challenged.

Process experts are given the responsibility of handling these complaints, but if they aren't given the skills to defuse customer's emotion and handle complaints and criticism positively they can easily make it worse.

The course aimed at Customer Service Advisors gives delegates the skills to handle complaints at the first stage, preventing the need for the customer to escalate their complaints to a higher level.

We also run courses for managers who handle escalated complaints, again with the emphasis on preventing the complaint from going any further.

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