Influencing Skills

Whether positively or negatively, we all influence others everyday of our lives. Many of us rely upon effective influencing skills to get things done and it is here that this course can help.

This course looks at human behaviour and why we get along with some people and why we don't get on with others. This is what underpins how you influence others, and applying these skills correctly to interactions will have a positive influence on others.

This course helps you to identify your personal influencing style(s) and helps you to identify new techniques to ensure a much more positive influence upon others.

You natural instinct of 'fight or flight' will be challenged. Tact and diplomacy is the key to successfully influencing others. The pro's and con's of influencing others using motivation, manipulation and coercion are all examined and playing the 'manager card' discouraged and only used as a last resort.

This course is vital in today's industry as well as in social circles. It can therefore help attendees in both their work and their home life.

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