Project Management

Project management is an essential tool for any manager. Even at a very junior level managers are being asked to manage projects which can have a significant impact on the business.

The success of these projects is directly linked to the way they are managed. Project managers should possess a broad range of skills such as:

  • strategy, effective planning & organisation skills

  • time management

  • excellent communications skills

  • report writing

  • team building

  • motivational skills

  • excellent delegation skills

  • negotiation and influencing skills

  • coaching skills

  • performance management

  • effective meeting management skills

This course covers the core project management skills which every project manager must possess.

For more experienced project managers the course is re-developed to an advanced level, tailored specifically to your's and your organisation's needs.

This course is only run by experienced project managers who have a proven track record in 'landing' both small and large projects.

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