Selection and Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection is one of the most important activities that a manager is involved with. Attracting and retaining the right person for a job is crucial to the on-going success and growth of any organisation.

Walt Disney always said that Customer Service Superiority start with:
1. Who you hire
2. How you hire them
3. How you bring them in to the organisation

This is a fundamental point in the success of any business, whether it's customer service or project starts with the recruitment process.

A more commonly known phrase is 'Recruit for attitude and train for skill.' In recent years it has become recognised that to train people in attitude (or personality in some cases), is almost impossible. Where as if you recruit the right attitude, and then train them in the job skill once employed it's much much easier.

This course will help you to identify what you are looking for in recruitment and how you will best achieve it. It will help you to write job descriptions and person specifications, choose the right way to advertise the vacancy, run the interview / assessment event, and make your selection.

If you are or will be involved in recruitment and selection in the future this course will help you immensely.

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