Telephone Techniques Training

This is our speciality. This training is highly participative and gives telephone users the skills to control customer interactions positively and enhance the customer experience.

With more and more companies offering their services via the telephone, customers are finding themselves experiencing poor customer service more frequently.

Handling customer emotions with just words and voice is a skill, in fact customers are 20% more tense on the telephone than in face to face interactions.

It is not simply the ability to answer a telephone. If I was your customer sat infront of you, I could tell you were listening and understood me by your eye contact, facial expressions and nods etc. Put me on the end of a telephone with you and I haven't got a clue. How do you replace sight with words and voice?

This training gives delegates the skills to build an accurate picture in customers' minds, build trust and reduce tension in callers; skills that unless we have been trained on we don't normally possess.

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