The secret of our success

Our goal is to deliver visible, measureable results and we achieve this through the following 3 steps:

Research and Planning - Familiarisation with your organisation:

  • Mission, Vision, Values

  • Service standards / targets

  • Product and service offering

  • Roles, responsibilities and competences

  • Customer complaints and compliments

  • Training needs (knowledge, skill, attitude)

Bespoke Design

  • Agree aim & objectives to meet training requirements

  • Write 1st draft

  • Meet with key stake holders to review 1st draft

  • Write 2nd draft (if applicable)

  • Meet with key stake holders to review 2nd draft & obtain sign-off.

Roll out of Training Programme

  • Pilot the programme to test and evaluate success against objectives

  • Amend and obtain sign off

  • Full roll out

  • Amendment and adjustment based upon: a. Regular assessment and evaluation of the course delivery and b. Regular progress meetings with key stakeholders.

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